Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Red Carpet Walk (Date and time!)

In my previous post I neglected to mention the time of the performance.

Red Carpet Walk (Allez)

ARRIVE AT GALLERY - 21:00 (if all goes well!)

Rain or shine!!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Red Carpet Walk

I will be performing a work entitled Red Carpet Walk (Allez/Retour), as part of the Nostalgies du present exhibition at Gallerie CIRCA.

The performance will take place in two parts, the first of which (Allez) will take place on Saturday July 24th, between my home in Verdun and the gallery at 372 Ste-Catherine Street W. I will move from my doorstep to the interior of the exhibition space by walking along a 2-metre long red carpet that I will constantly (re)place in front of me as I go. On Saturday August 14th, I will repeat the performance (Retour) but in the opposite direction, walking from the gallery back to my apartment.

Here is a map and a link to the route for the (Allez) leg of my journey. Come and have a look if you are interested in watching me attempt to become the producer and product of my own fame.

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((I will post a link with the
(Retour) journey following the first performance.))

The performance is a version of a work entitled The Red Carpet Treatment, that I performed in Kuopio, Finland as part of the ANTI-Festival last September. In that instance, I walked around the city on the red carpet for 5 days in a row.