Thursday, April 30, 2009

one of my favorite things...

Boston-based photographer and video artist, Sean M. Johnson, is the hottest shit in my books these days, with his Beard Love series topping my list of sexiest, prettiest, and most touching video art doing the rounds these days. I came across his work quite accidentally one evening when I was feeling sorta lonely. I typed "hairy bear" into the YouTube search engine and his videos popped up. I fell instantly in love (and got really horny) watching his tender videos of men rubbing beards together in playful scenes of boyish play. I was so enamored with his work that I took out the plastic and ordered myself one of his DVDs from his MySpace profile at

You can also check him out at his website:

In the meantime, check out his latest clip from his YouTube account. It makes my heart all aflutter with prickly loveness!

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