Tuesday, June 23, 2009

more glorious evenings!

This is increasingly becoming a true food blog. Mayhaps it be my penchant for delicacies both esteemed and quotidian?

Behold! A little recipe I like to call Pigs On A Slab The Verdun Special!

A hearty platter composed of Toasted Buns and Beef Hot Dogs, bathed in copious amounts of Mayonnaise and a splattering of Ketchup. This main course is rounded off quite nicely with the finest choice of beer procured for only $6.99/4-pack at the local depanneur.

Witness my vigorous pleasure at imbibing such satisfying sustenance:

Ahhhhh Verfun... Versure.

1 comment:

  1. dude versure you're not serieux.
    pigs on a slab? Verdun has verimpregnated your sense of verpropriety with an insidious verus. peasaant food " " may not be food of the courts but beef hot dogs? even to 'open-face' them a la
    smorgas. jeepers wincent. I need to take you shopping.
    or maybe I just need to try them for myself. pigs on a slab when i come back and we art-chat.