Monday, September 21, 2009

Sverige (Part 1)

September 15, 2009.
Day one of my trip.

It was a 45-minute flight down the Hudson River all the way to JFK airport from MTL. With a 6-hour layover ahead of me, all I could do was stare longingly out to the Manhattan Skyline across the tarmac.

My flight to Helsinki was long, sleepless and boring with my in-flight entertainment system on the fritz and really, really bad air plane food. I read a Margaret Atwood book on the subject of debt and took frequent trips to the the lavatory, if only for the brief walk up and down the aisle.

September 16, 2009.
Day two in transit.

Arrived in Helsinki and had to wait another four hours for my flight to Stockholm. I wanted to scratch my eyes out I was so bored/tired!

By the time I reached downtown Stockholm I was quite delirious with sleeplessness. My friend Minna met me at Central-Station by a place endearingly nicknamed Spotkoppen which when translated means "The Spittoon."

September 17, 2009.
First day in Stockholm.

I spent the day wandering the city and getting my bearings. I found the Sverige Huset ("Sweden House") which contained a tourist information centre. Armed with a map and list of wireless-hotspots (few and far between... at least the free ones) I set off to rediscover my favorite city in the world.

For supper, Minna and I made a yummy Swedish meal that consisted of a baked bacon pancake, cabbage salad and lingonberry jam. On a side note that there seem to be a thousand different types of cabbage which translates to kål in Swedish - röd kål, grön kål, savoy kål, ad infinitum. Even the staple of my diet back home - frizzy kale - would be lumped into the kål category. Gotta love your leafy greens!

And for desert Minna made kanelbullar -- cinnamon buns! Mmmmmmmm.

September 18, 2009.
Things I like about Sweden/Swedes/Stockholm.

- many people dress very well and have nice shoes and/or pants
- architecture/design/infrastructure = functional
- Södermalm
- Gamla Stan
- Östermalm
- Kulturhuset (free internet!)
- Stortorget
- kannelbullar
- Swedish cheese
- fil (like yoghurt, except... tingly)
- the Swedes general love for multiple dairy products in a single meal
- lingonberries
- sunny weather (at least for most of the time I have been here)
- in Swedish "kiss" means pee and "puss" means kiss
- in Swedish one swears about the Devil rather than their sexual parts
- there seems to be a song for every occasion, especially when drinking is involved
- the street signs!


Utfart all day!

These are a few of my favorite things...

Pripps Blå beer = Labbat Blue of Sweden

The (gay) chocolate cup.

Except not really.

So cute!


This Simone de Beauvoir mural makes me think of all the homework I should be doing, which means that this will have to be a two part entry. So much to see and so little time! I will post more later on this week. Hopefully in Finland I will more regular access to the internerd.

Until then: Hej då!

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  1. I love the list of things you love about Sweden: all the neighborhoods! the people and all their clothes! all the dairy! Plain a-fil is my favourite fil, I used to eat it varje morgon with råg flingor and lingon sylt.

    Also, you still need a picture of a sign that says "SLUT."

    Oh, and what about blomkål? Bloom cabbage = cauliflower.