Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sverige (Part 3)

September 19, 2009.
The Cute & The Creepy

My friend Minna had Swahili lessons in Uppsala (about 40 minutes north of Stockholm, so I got to spend the day wandering the city. Uppsala is cute in the quaint-mediaeval town turned tourist attraction kinda way. Uppsala is creepy in the reflection of dark Swedish culture, history of Black Death and epic cathedral filled with skulls sorta way. I spent the day feeling both cute and creepy.

For example, Minna said that my outfit (black leather jacket and cataract protection sunglasses) made me look like a member of a bad 80s synth band -- cute. I spent the afternoon walking around a cemetery reading gravestones in said 80s synth band outfit -- creepy.

Here are some other examples:

Flowers = cute!

Skull-pture = creepy.

Yarn bomb bowtie = cute!

Headless statue = creepy.

Bear rolling in the grass = cute!

Life-like wax statue of the Virgin Mary = sooooo creepy.

Boyish good looks = cute!

"Have you seen this boy?" = creepy.

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