Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sverige (Part 2)

I forgot to mention this on my list of things that I like about Sweden: Stockholm is a bicycle thief's Heaven! Here a few examples of bikes that could easily be nabbed by even the most poorly equipped pilferer of two-wheeled transportation devices. These bikes aren't even locked down to anything. All you would need to do is to pick it up and carry it off back home. Montreal bike thieves take notice...

And because I'm a gay horse:

My love of signage continues! My friend Lise pointed out from my earlier blog post that I missed the infamous "SLUT" signs, which translates to "END" in English but I didn't see any on this trip, at least not when I had my camera ready. I hope "Bad" & "Restaurang Ho's" will suffice.


Compost Bart.

Fargat glass.

O! Fargat glass.

Mmmm. Bran Bart.


  1. Hello Gay Horse! I am in Iceland at the moment and enjoying similar fun signs and oddities except probably much grayer, wetter and windier....

    BTW, did you like the Margaret Atwood debt book. I read it on a Mexico vacation last year (yes, that's the thrilling extent of how Nico vacations roll...). I thought it was pretty good all in all.

    Talk later, GOOD BYE!

  2. I am now in Finland performing at ANTI Contemporary Arts Festival. Been playing ketchup on documenting my trip so far. We're Scandinavian adventure buddies!

    I actually really loved the Margaret Atwood book -- although it definitely made me cringe thinking about how much debt I will be in after this trip...

  3. Maybe don't google "slut sign sweden."